There have been some rapid changes in marketing in the last 20 years. While being connected through the internet via personal computers was a significant shift, but with smartphones, marketing has taken even a more dramatic turn. According to techjury, the average smartphone owner unlocks their phone 150 times a day. The mobile phone has become an integral part of almost everyone’s life to that much extent that now they have become our lovers, pets, teachers and what on. Most people sleep next to their mobile phones and wake up next to them. And with this, it is very important to understand why mobile marketing has become an absolute necessity for the businesses out there!


Increasing time spent on mobile phones

People spend an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes on their mobile phones which means that an individual spends almost 1000 hours in a year to browse through websites, talk on the phone, be on social media and much more which provides ample of opportunity for businesses to reach out to their potential customers through their phone rather than just relying on traditional methods of marketing.


Mobile marketing reaches a wider audience

Smartphones are not just for the young generation. Everyone has them, even our grandparents. With smartphones becoming cheap, easy to use and easy to carry, they have become a vital part of everyone’s life and because of this business can reach out to a wider audience. With the increased demand for phones, a business also has an increased chance of growing to a level unthought of.


Changing shopping behaviour of the consumers

4 out of 5 consumers use their smartphone to shop, which means that if you’re not using mobile marketing there is already a higher chance of losing a sizeable chunk of potential customers.

Think of it in a way that how easy it is for you to buy something anywhere at any point in time?

People want quick and easy services. They are looking for a service provider that can give them what they call for wherever they want and whenever they want. And all of this can only be possible with a great mobile marketing strategy.


Not just limited to e-shopping

When we talk about mobile marketing, we don’t just talk about purchasing online. Mobile marketing is also used for shopping in a physical store. Mobile gives the consumer an opportunity to shop and compare the products they’re looking for. There are high chances that the consumer already knows about the product and its price before they go and ask the salesperson. Hence it is very important to get optimised for mobile so that the consumers choose what you have to offer.


Get more personalised

Consumers expect personalisation! With mobile marketing and ads, one can reach out to the consumer in no time with personalised messages and experiences building a brand image and a loyal customer base like never before. Increasing use of smartphones can bridge the gap between the customer and the service provider.


SMS Marketing

The consumers can get notified about the discounts and offers that your brand has to provide directly through messages and can increase the chance of grabbing their attention. With people being glued to their phone almost half of the times it is likely that they will read your messages and will be attracted by things that you have to offer which will increase the chance of staying above the game.

Data opens doors

When we talk about mobile marketing we talk about data! With mobile marketing, you can get high-quality data and can track down what people actually want, what are they searching for and their contact details making it easier for your business to improve and change for a better.

Mobile helps to open virtual reality and other doors

With amazing technologies such as virtual reality, one can make mobile ads more interesting and engaging which will lead to more consumer interaction and increase the chances of getting more potential customers. The vast options available shows that one can make easy profits from this channel.

You can get your customers again

Missed a chance to reach out on the customers when they are on their desktop? No worries because you can still reach out to them when they’re using their mobile phones which means you can win them again.


Digital marketing is continuously evolving and mobile marketing plays a vital role in it. The shift towards mobile has made a drastic change in terms of how marketing works. Mobile marketing has opened doors for all businesses to adopt those changes and work on it. Whether you have an eCommerce store or you’re just providing services it is important to be on the phone to get your business to a level that is unthought of.

“If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished”- Wendy Clark.

Smartphones are taking over and if we don’t adapt, we are done. So, to stay ahead contact us today and get on the phone before it’s too late!

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