The dramatic spread of coronavirus has disturbed livelihoods, communities and businesses worldwide. Due to the pandemic, almost 7.5 million businesses are closed, raising the question on how can Businesses survive under the prevailing outlook?

Over the recent 3 months, both market landscape and consumer behaviour have taken a drastic turn. Most of the people have switched online, from shopping to ordering their essential items.

Some of the key consumer behaviour changes, according to a survey by NRF mentioned in the hindustan times were

  • 9 in 10 consumers have changed their traditional shopping habits.
  • More than 50% of consumers have ordered products online that they would normally purchase at the store
  • Nearly 6 in 10 consumers say they are worried about going to the store due to fear of being infected

Large online retailers have seen a sharp rise in this pandemic as people are avoiding to get out of their house. For instance, businesses like Amazon, big basket and Nykaa have seen a surge in the orders of essential items. Similarly, in the education sector, online teaching is being promoted through various applications and websites, even the health sector has taken a boom in the world of online consultations.

With increasing digital awareness, getting business online has become more of a necessity than choice irrespective of the size of your business. Not being on the web can lead to loss of various business opportunities out there.

Moreover, taking your business online has no restrictions and allows your customer to reach you anytime and from anywhere. Any company can develop something beyond a “brick and mortar” business making its products and services reach an untapped market.

Know how others have brought their business online and How you can do it too!

During this pandemic, it is very critical to understand that one has to work even if they cannot step out of your house. And there are a variety of ways how different businesses can come online with just a few clicks.

1. Industry – Grocery, Fashion, Beauty Products and Electronic Industry

Solution – Switch your business to Ecommerce

Example Big Bazaar, has recently operationalised its website in a gush, allowing consumers to place orders through it. It is also receiving orders from Amazon.

Grocery stores, fashion stores, beauty and electronic industry can start earning through e-commerce and all of this just requires you to become a little technology-friendly.

There are 2 ways by which the same can be done

Either you can build your eCommerce platform and start selling online or you can get registered with an already existing E-commerce store and sell your products there as a vendor. For example, Flipkart, Amazon and the new player in the e-commerce game – JioMart are now onboarding many local Karyana Shops on their platform

2. Industry – Health Sector

Solution – Online Consultation

Example – Doctors can come on platforms like Practo and provide online health consultations to people at a minimal consultation fee

Although the frontline warriors are playing a major role in this pandemic, there are some specialists like dentist, ophthalmologist, dermatologist etc. who have shut down their clinics. Such doctors can resume their practice through online consultation by publicizing it on their social media platforms and registering themselves on Consultation Apps like Practo and Docs App.

3. Industry – Fitness Sector

Solution – Online Training

Example Cultfit, is now imparting online training sessions for its members on its app, with trainers doing their best to instruct in as much detail as possible.

One of the most impacted sectors during this lockdown has been Gyms and Fitness Centers. To cope up with the present scenario, gyms and fitness influencers are now exploring the digital platform to provide their fitness expertise. Trainers are going live on Instagram to give a sneak peek of their fitness training module and then the complete training is given on their website which mostly comprises fitness activities that can be done with minimum equipment.

4. Industry – Education sector

Solution – E-learning Platform

Example – Modern School, Aliganj, the only IB School of Lucknow, too has resorted to online learning. School’s founder Rakesh Kapoor, management and staff members came up with online teaching by using the school’s mobile app Lernio.

Although all the schools and offline coaching centres are currently closed, one cannot put a lockdown on the education of students.

Looking at the privacy issues of publicly available video conferencing tools, Schools have resorted to adopting their own LMS(Learning Management Software). Such software allow them to completely automate their entire education system from attendance to live classes in just one app.Even Private Institutes are benefitting from the same

Individual trainers and educationalists are resorting to engaging their students on free platforms like Youtube, while also giving out their advanced modules on platforms like Udemy, Skillshare and Toppr.

Promoting your Online Business

Now the above-mentioned steps are the foundation for your online journey but to be at the top, promotion is the key. Any online business that you enter in has a ton of competitors, making it almost impossible for you to climb out. But here are a few ways by which you can do so :

  1. Connect with your customers online through social media by educating, entertaining or engaging them through various online activities.Once you offer them a solution they are bound to be your brand advocates.
  2. Ensure that your business can be discovered online effectively with the assistance of SEO and keywords.
  3. Circumstances like these allow you to grab the opportunity to offer various deals to people that other businesses are not offering.

Bonus Information :

Although a huge chunk of business can come online by implementing the above-mentioned information, there are industries like Salon , Hospitality and Tourism which cannot yet bring their business online and will suffer the dent of the current situation. Though here are are some few tips that these industries can do to ensure that they have a quick recovery post lockdown :

We understand that with zero revenues it’s very tough to incline the savings towards marketing. But it’s important as this is something that will help you recover the fastest once the conditions get normal. Also, we have seen a 3x spike of Internet user activity during these times and if you are not a part of it now, it will be tough for you to regain their attention back.

2. Keep your customers engaged

Customers of the Hospitality, Salon and Tourism industry currently cannot use their services, but such companies can keep them engaged through virtual activities and games. For example, Salon industry can create a challenge that their user can perform while at home. They can also go live with experts in various fields to make sure they are not “Mr.India” during the lockdown. This will help your audience be engaged with you and will augment your goodwill.

3. Post Lockdown activities

We all know that ‘This shall pass too‘ , so businesses should start exploring various opportunities that they can grab once the situation is normal. Analyze how differently customers will buy your product/services and ensure that you are catering to these changes. For example, people will pay extra attention to the hygiene practices and measures at a Hotel, so such a business should leave no stone unturned to ensure that all the measures are implemented.


As Bill Gates said, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business is out of business,” So having a business online during these challenging times has not just become important but a necessity to survive. Starting an online business might look daunting but the truth is it has never been so easy.

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