“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but the stories you tell.”

-Seth Godin

One of the biggest fears that I have is: “One day I will becomepopular”. I know you have been working your “you know what” off to get you and your company in the spotlight. But it’s not something I prefer, steals personal life. Everything youwould do, willbe in everyone’s notice. You always have to be in the “Good Manners” mode and eat food with utmost etiquettes else Flashes of cameras won’t make you happy, but will make you the topic of gossip in the world the very next day. Being perfect is as good as irritation for me. Moreover, I am an engineer, we prefer last day hard work.

Continuity is merely a chapter that we read; never applied in real life for working diligently.

But with so many good tools and media around, it’s getting more and more difficult to become unpopular. So I figured a way to use this tool, used for maximum Popularity as the weapon of Defame-Content Marketing.

“But hey isn’t content marketing the best tool I mean 93% of B2B marketing use it.There must be some reason?”

My friend, it is an incomplete fact. I agree it’s a great tool but do you know the amount of people that have managed to be effectively using this for popularity? Only-36%.Which means that Content marketing has the potential to be evil, if used right, in the wrong direction.

Let’s see how it can make you unpopular (Don’t worry wannabe popular people we have something for you too. Read till the end)

1) Never Strategize.

Scheduling and working plans out is such a hectic task to do. When a procrastinator like me writes a task in his calendar for today, my phone autocorrects it to tomorrow, as even my phone realizes that this tool is perfect only for the popularity seekers.

As someone rightly said “Without Strategy the content is just stuff and world has enough stuff”. So never strategize, just go on stuffing and people will start hatingyou. And we know hatred and unpopularity go hand in hand.

Organizing a strategy and executing it as planned can bring out more than what is required and what we require is Nothing so never do such weird things. Let’s see some facts regarding content strategizing.

70% of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy. (Altimeter). Even if some kind of strategy exists only 30% is documented thus making rest of the companies competing aimlessly.

See how well Not strategizing works for unpopularity?

Following are the things that marketers need to avoid while strategizing:

  • Who is your targeted audience and their needs? Never cover them.
  • Have a ONE-SHOE-FITS-ALL approach, Nopersonalization please.
  • Which online platform does not show result for your content? Choose that
  • Budgeting in mind?Don’t even think of doing it.
  • What is the timeline for content formation, development and execution?Disobey them
  • Say no to content metrics and KPIs (Key performance Index) that you need.
  • Q-Does the present strategy need to be refined?Answer(Always)-NO

2)Content not educating, entertaining or engaging? Welcome to the land of unpopularity.


This is what goes on inside the mind of a buyer subconsciously. The called popular content marketing companies, follow the 80-20 rule which says 80% should be the content that agog the audience and 20 % about your brand including call to action.

What! I made a brand so diligently and now all I have to talk about is the content catering to customers and not my brand. Never Let’s see how to ruin this rule which is trying it’s best to make me popular:

Make the 80-20 rule 20-80 rule: Talk only about your brand in the 80%. It’s your company, why give the audience who buy your products such importance? And even if you have a 20% segment for audience, ruin it.See how

  • Content production– 44% of the marketers find content production the most difficult task. Reason-The complexity it offers and to make this percentage raise to 90% bar one needs to avoid the need of the audience, adoptmethodwhich is the worst to depict the information with least clarity then researching the topics vaguely and writing them in adisorganized and illegible form.
  • Purpose Obfuscating –Never ever solve the purpose of a user, else they will start liking your brand. Same goes for the content. Which means that the content can never be funny, witty, educational or inspiring and intriguing content should be left outside the doors before entering your office. You can try doing innovative stuff, even discuss serious issues with a tone of sarcasm to bring out the sly smiles of your user, but there’s no point to it,It just makes you more popular. The need and taste of audience should be given the least priority because no matter how worse your writing is if people find it relevant,it will become the talk of the town. If you cater to a wide audience, it is always advisable to avoid segmentation and tailor your content accordingly.
  • Make it Blunt and Boring-Gone are the days when a simple post would garner thousands of people on the social media. So use it now for your unpopularity.Write content with zero engagement.Write them as boring as possible and also ,off the point and vague.

Remember, Even a single line of interesting statement can ruin your company’s unpopularity.

Now that everyone is practicing content marketing, the competition has risen making it difficult to make your content highlight and we don’t want to make it easier right?

  • Getting in the Rookies-Companies including big ones usually hire interns or inexpensive employees, instead of the professionals for writing on some crucial topics, which he/she might not have expertise on.

And we know Unawareness creates room for mistakes hampering the brand image which has worked perfectly for their unpopularity and you can make this happen too.

And it is too easy to get one, just point a finger in any direction with your eyes closed, you will have your future rookie writer, carving the most crucial topics to its worst potential.

  • Inconsistent Tone and wide gaps between 2 Content-Content represents your brand values and fluctuating values leads to decreasing brand credibility.Yes!this is what we needed.

Beforeany content creation avoid checking whether the present works aligns well with the tone of the previous ones. The content published should regularlygive a shock to the users in terms of inconsistency in nature.

One more thing, when looking for unpopularity, one should give serious importance to build a wide gap between any of your posts or best do it like Amir khan, onecontent in a year, except here it will help you in gaining maximum unpopularity.

Creating a gap helps the user forget you and your brand easily by creating zero engagement.

  • Avoid visual Content-We all know that visually conveying an information has a better impact on the users.But who wants that.We don’t wont great engagement that a user feels while reading an infographic or a well-made video for YouTube.

3)Forgot Call to action? Congratulations, you are one step closer to unpopularity.

The rest 80% should talk about how the content is related to your company. Whichmeans that you have the freedom to discuss only about your brand rather than having a how-the- readers-can-make-use-of-it approach.

By introducing good offers or showcasing the benefits of engaging with your brand you are moving away from your goal to become unpopular. Always remember that “Marketing is like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself there won’t be a second one.” And this is what we desire, I mean no second date.

When talking about the 80% one cannot dare to remember call to action. When a user is presented with a content, he/she will just read the content unless the webpage tells him what to do after “Being content with the content”, so just let it be.Don’t work hard to build visible and interesting Call to action, that is the generic and boring job of the Giant companies. Buteven if done, this needs to be done in a very clever manner so that people understand that it is marketing going on. You must have come across some examples such as that of Hub spot, Netflix and more which are popular,but lessons are better learnt when you know what not to do,because here this is what we are opting to do.

4)Activeness gone = Unpopularity gained.

“60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day. (Source: eMarketer)”.

See how greedy these people are to become popular. But our mom and Indian traditions tell us to be simple and sober and so we don’t do such ill practices.

So, after getting a bad content produced it is very important to publish it at the wrong time and in incorrect frequencies. The frequency of the posts demands a lot of attention as there exists a very thin line between Engaging and annoying and we cannot even mistakenly perform the former one.So publish your content untimely and annoy your users by posting content again and again basically spamming is the key to Unpopular content.

Moreover, the repeating interval also varies from one platform to the other.But who cares?

I have an example too, that too from a company you know well-Pepsi.

Yes my friends Pepsi .I agree Pepsi is popular but I can bet that their content is not the reason behind it.Let’s see how?

Imagine if you have a following of more than 35 million people,even if you try hard a minimum of 10k likes is impossible to stop. But Pepsi is a god for people like us who seek to be unpopular.

Don’t believe us see for yourself.

See,a company with more than 35 million subscribers,gets only 72 likes on a post.Learn something from Pepsi my friends, on how you should not engage your audience

It seems Pepsi did work well on how not to strategize.And even if they had strategies,they were perfectly untimed and irregularly produced.Works like magic to attain unpopularity.

I know it gets difficult for writers to produce original content daily and to ease this problem many writers use Reusability.But don’t be a fool like them.

An example  of repurposing content is

One 18-page white paper can be repurposed as:

  • 1 podcast interview author
  • 1 short video animation
  • w white board video
  • 5 short blog posts
  • 3 infographics
  • 1 presentation

See how vast it can make your content reach, distracting you from your goal to attain Unpopularity. Also, never reuse them by posting them on social discussion forum like Quora.

Though you can reuse it like your TV commercials that are played regularly again and again to irritate your audience.

5)Promotion is inversely proportional to unpopularity

“Without Promotion something terrible happens…NOTHING”-P.T. Barnum.Hey isn’t that what we want,not terrible for us.

I can understand that all you guys have been taught English since forever and it gets difficult for you to write pathetic content,so if you can’t write bad,use bad promotion.One needs to understand the need of not promoting his content well, for unpopularity

Following are the ways you should adopt for bad promotions if you want to become unpopular:

1)Don’t have a promotion strategy. Never adopt one, makes you quite popular.

2)Never see which platform works best for your content or when and how many times you should share that content. It increases the possibility of your success making your competitors unhappy and you don’t want to see their melancholy faces right?

3)If writing an article that involves an influencer or the content of yours is similar to the one that he writes, never tag him. You might become the discussion of a whole new audience.

4)Interactive and Visible CTA is a big No-No.

5)Repurposing and reusing gives your old articles a new shine and a wider reach …Never do that as said.

6)When publishing an article don’t use any visual content along. Customers get agoged to your article. Not at all acceptable for mass unpopularity.

7)Avoid email marketing as it has staggering ROI,creates more leads,creates 3 times better than social media and what not. Please avoid.

5)Analysing and Refining are distractions in the path to gain unpopularity.

“Most people use statistics the way a drunkard uses a lamp post, more for support than illumination.”-Mark Twain.

Analysis is the most imperfect tool if you are looking for unpopularity.

Reason?It tells you where you went wrong and provides you the space to rectify. Analysis when not done, or not properly performed, can make you take decisions only on your gut feeling thus increasing the chances of making mistakes leading to higher unpopularity.

Now, in the 21stCentury, with the presence of in numerous good tools it gets difficult for one to not analyse well. Thus one can always ignore refining according to the analysed data. Refining is performed by companies who choose their passion over their comfortable bed. It helps them to realize, that which content worked best for them and which did not,making it easier to optimize content for the next time. Making them the Beyoncé of their games. But who wants such popularity?


-I know this talent to make your company unpopular is hard to aquire and harder to implement. Moreover, a lot of companies are in this race of unpopularity raising the competition. But with these tips in mind and with no hardwork one can easily become unpopular using Content Marketing.

But if you are not into working hard into doing nothing then simply avoid the tips.Would be a pathetic decision by the way.

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