“Change is the only constant in life. Once ability to adapt to those changes will determine your success in life” – Benjamin Franklin.

Although the quote by Mr. Franklin resembles a general life philosophy, I could not find a better statement that encapsulates the importance, for a business, to keep up with the recent trends and changes in the digital world in order to stay at the top of the game ; and one of the most important ,driving and dynamic factor of any Business nowadays is SEO (Search engine optimisation).For the people who have come across this term first time in their lives, SEO is a set of practices that enables your business to gain more visibility on the search engine result page and improves the chances of getting quality traffic on your website leading to better ROI.

Before stepping out,The 21st Century customer first checks the web to understand what is best out there for them. According to Thornley Fallis, 81% of shoppers research online before buying. With increasing competition in the market, it is important to stand out and be the first one especially when we talk about it digitally.

If we see giants like Amazon and Pinterest they exceptionally depend on SEO. For instance, when we talk about amazon a popular e-commerce website has millions of products to offer and all of them are indexed thus, they get almost 250 million clicks from google every month showing how important SEO is for a business to reach a level which is unthought of.

But Did you know that each year google makes thousands of changes to its search? In the year 2018 alone, Google made more than 3200 changes to its search system. For this, it is important to understand SEO (Search engine optimization), how it has changed in recent years, how it will continue to change in upcoming years and why it is necessary to keep up with those changes.

The onset of 2020, brings SEO challenges that can either make or break your success! So here are the 2020 SEO industry trends that you should be familiar with


Voice search has become very important and people want precise responses for what they ask. According to vocify, 2 in 5 adults use voice search once daily.
People ask the queries in the same way they speak,i.e., instead of general search query, people ask in a more natural language while performing voice search ; so it is important to get bullet lists as it increases your chance to rank first when it comes to voice queries.
A few ways to ensure that your business is up to date with the voice search pattern are

– Have your “Google My Business” Listing Updated and run ads in that section
– Target on Long Tail Keyword
– Have User Centered content in your website
– Utilizing Schema MetaDeta



Google has evolved in recent years to make a better search experience for its users. A snippet is a summary of the answers you get when you’re searching for something and it appears above the paid or organic ads. Almost half of the people don’t click any searches because they get their answer from these featured snippets leading to people actually not visiting the website. For instance, when we type the weather today on google, we will get the answer without visiting any website.

Henceforth it is important to use keywords and ask questions from the “people also ask” section to make sure that your website is highlighted on the search engine page.


3. BERT-Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers

Google made the largest change to its search system since the RANK BRAIN. BERT helps better understand the nuances and context of words in searches and better match those queries with more relevant results. In all BERT is just one step closer to search engines ultimate goal that is understanding and leveraging search intent.
One important thing to know is you can’t optimize for BERT, but you can optimize for the intent behind the search queries. Content should be created which matches the user’s intent.



People would now want digital experience. According to IDG, 89% of organizations have adopted or had plans to adopt a digital-first strategy to improve customers experience. Customer experience is the most important thing when we talk about the growth of a business. The more time spent on a page generally shows how satisfied a person is in finding what they are looking for.
As people are now accustomed to the fast speed of the internet and getting information in just a few clicks, websites, click-through rates (CTR) and time spent on the website now matter more.



87% of internet users are on their mobile phones, out of which 43% of product research is done on mobile phones. So, it is very important to get your site mobile-ready to make sure that you can connect with more customers in future.
You can’t get far on search engine results if you haven’t optimized for mobile. Think beyond responsive designs to rich snippets.



It is important that your content ought to be of high quality and outranks other websites. Content will continue to be the blood of SEO. It is essential to comprehend who your audience is and how they search. And it is of utmost importance to give them solutions or answers which are on point and high in quality.
Informative and quality content is the only content which will grow the popularity of a website in 2020.



In 2020, and upcoming years one should focus more on UX what we call as user experience. This includes everything that is from initial interaction to overall page experience and also the experience when people leave your site. And technical SEO is the key to UX.

The main success of a website is that the visitor does what you want them to do and for that SEO is the best tool.


Over the most recent couple of years, SEO has made some dramatic advancements and will continue to do so. Nowadays, small business ventures to large entities are using SEO to outrank everyone. Along these lines, it is always important to keep up with the latest SEO practices. SEO is not “ what once is done is done job” but it is something that needs to be updated from time to time, to take a business to another level.


In the upcoming years, more changes are going to take place like increasing mobile searches, voice searches, video search and many more.


SEO is an ever-changing and growing concept. It is important for a business to understand that and grow with it. SEO is an adventure where you need skills both technical and non-technical to endure. So, stop worrying and contact BUOYT to keep up with all the latest SEO practices and be number one!

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